Friday, March 23, 2012

Abramoff Should Be Flattered

We all know the phrase, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery," well Jack Abramoff is beaming right about now, because his old nemesis, former chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Public Integrity Section, Noel L. Hillman, and now a United States District Judge, has taken his (Abramoff's) tactic's directly into the courts.

You see Mr. Abramoff found a way to have "obscure language" written into the laws to benefit his clients.  This language was so obscure the lawmakers presenting the bills would be able to claim not knowing that it was in there, and or  what it meant.  Hey!  I'm just the messenger, because like you I deem that "willful ignorance" at a minimum, but that’s what they did and do.
 Yeah, yeah-- who am I to make such claims.  How about you getting it straight from the horses mouth so to speak.  CBS News "60 Minutes" did a show with Mr. Abramoff and now there is a clip out from this show entitled Abramoff's "perfect" tactic, in which Mr. Abramoff can be seen doing all to keep from bursting into laughter while detailing the above tactic.  You know how I do by now, so go ahead click the link, I'll wait the clip is 50 seconds…

Okay, you're back, educated and ready to follow me on this one right? Not!  That's not how I do, I share the facts, and basis in law then you become the judge. Never forget that.

Near the end of the above video you can hear Mr. Abramoff say that the lawmakers don't read what's in the bills. Hmm?  So what are they being paid for?  Oh, my bad, they are elected so that they can go to Washington to collect bribes.  But back to Noel L. Hillman and how he has adopted this tactic.

Noel L. Hillman assumed that we the public are like the above lawmakers and would not read his opinions nor be able to see the "obscure language" tucked away within its footnotes.  Again I must refer to a nursery rhyme, "along came a spider and sat down beside her and…"
 I'm that spider, because now that I have read Hillman's opinion and exposed it within the following posts: Agent of Change, JSHIT #8, Have Judge That Will Lie!, and A gratia--Ex Gratia--Aah JSHIT, just to cite a few, Hillman has gone silent.  As of this writing his response to my recusal motion is 32 days past due.   My most appreciated and loyal viewers know the afore postings and have seen there offerings, but for those unfamiliar, or those needing to refresh, go ahead click away I'll wait…

This is a culture folks, a training so to speak.  Judge Noel L. Hillman is attempting to proselytize us into thinking that Mark Kosko did not kidnap me on May 15, 2006.  He got to one African-American by the name of Karen M. William, but just so happens she's a Magistrate Judge being tutored by him. (Yeah right, you know I don't mean that especially after posting Proselytization of KMW.)
 In closing, again don't believe me, view the facts then judge for yourselves. Yes I have another CBS 60 Minute clip for you entitled "Culture of corruption," which should help you form your own opinions.  I'll be back with more, so you go ahead and check out this minute and a half clip at your leisure, but join me again to continue this revelation.

Thank you,
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