Thursday, January 5, 2012

Proselytization of KMW

In 1922 the attitudes towards African-Americans were still such that an article in "The Paper Lantern" was headlined "Versatile Darkies to ComeFriday."  [See page 3 after click]  Since 1922 those same attitudes still linger and are given expression through the proselytization of those looked upon as "Versatile Darkies."

Regardless of ethnic background, those that complete the requirements of obtaining a law degree, and passing the bar exam should not risk said status due to unethical acts they have taken an oath not to partake in.  But it appears that as long as you have those that will conceal your unethical acts and or train you in the proper execution of said acts, one will gladly yield to such proselytization.

Magistrate Judge Karen M. Williams can not deny that she was made aware of the judicial misconduct that was being exacted through her courtroom.  On Aug. 17, 2009, I wrote this judge a letter addressing the same.  This handwritten letter was received by U.S.M.J. Karen Williams on Aug. 18, 2009.  (See Document Acme Don't Want You to See II @ page 15)

On 7/01/2009, Deputy Attorney General, Kathleen Bartus, stood before judge Karen Williams and agreed that she would contact me on the status of NJ State Trooper Mark Kosko.  She was ordered to contact me by 7/9/2009.  Either Ms. Bartus was lying or their statements were prearranged, because as she stood there Ms. Bartus had to know that she intended to go on vacation the following week, unless that was a lie as well.  At any rate when I addressed this with judge Williams and made it know she was powerless in controlling what is supposed to be her courtroom.  (See Document Acme Don't Want You to See II @ page 16)

Within the above letter I sent judge Karen Williams that "yes you will have a choice for the Atlantic City Casino Industry through Harrah's, will ask that you not expose the conspiracy between the Casinos' and the Atlantic City Municipal Court to effect discriminatory denial of access to public accommodations."  (See Document Acme Don't Want You to See II @ page 17)

On Dec. 14, 2009 I guess judge Karen Williams had to prove to her masters that she would be a  "good judicial niggard" and tell me on the record that I only mailed her 2 copies of the "Third Amended Complaint" and I assumed that she would file it.  In their arena I had to compose my self but here I can tell you that I had to "put her ass in check" ebonically speaking. I had to tell her that "No, I did not assume anything but expected you to follow FRCVP 5 (d) (2) (B), which concerns filing of papers to a judge and says: "to a judge who agrees to accept if for filing and who must then note the filing date on the paper and promptly send it to the clerk."  Judge Williams and her new band of cohorts makes it appear that this rule was not violated by the clerks stamping the document received on 8/18/2009, " Case 1:08-cv-02407-NLH-KMW   Document 32-2   Filed 08/18/09 Page 1 of 70 PageID: 530."

However, the above is a lie that is proven and revealed in the wrongdoers haste.  You see the Third Amended Complaint contained 78 pages.  The cohorts manipulated the clerk stamp to reflect their 70 page version. In a later posting I will detail the math revealing this lie, but for now look at the obvious. On 12/14/2009 judge Williams said on the record that I only mailed her "Two" copies, one of which she would give to her court clerk, whom would meet me at the clerks office so that the "Third Amended Complaint" could be filed.

The cove letter to judge Karen Williams say that I mailed her (1) Original, (2) Copies of the original, (2) Copies in a manilla envelope w/285 forms for Kosko and Haag.  Lets see, this "versatile darkie" say "1+2+2=5."  Do you agree? The United States Postal Service said that this mailing weighed 4lbs 15.70 oz.  The United States Postal Service said that the one copy that I mailed to DAG, Kathleen Bartus weighed 1lbs 10.00 oz.  The USPS furthers says that the "Two" copies that I mailed to Harrah's Hotel and Casinos' attorney Christopher C. Mauro, weighed 2lbs 2.80 oz.  (See Document Acme Don't Want You to See II @ page 19) Hmm? I think that the only versatility judge Williams reveals is her proclivity to being proselytized.

U.S.M.J. Karen M. Williams is free to make her own choices, this is still the United States of America, even though she has a code of ethics to follow. Yet unlike the college newspaper in 1922 stating that "Versatile Darkies to Come Friday," the honorable sorority of Alpha Kappa Alpha made a press release headed "U.S.Magistrate Judge Karen M. Williams to Give Keynote Address at the SocialJustice and Human Rights Symposium."  The above behavior is not that of one concerned about social justice and human rights, it judicial misconduct.  Let us pray that she did not imbue her listeners at the symposium with the doctrines she practice in her courtroom.

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Black History Month 2012 reigns in and all still do not have equal protection of the laws and meaningful access to the Courts of these United States of America.


  1. i believe judges in nj violate rules even on state level in criminal court.

  2. In Alabama the judges, AG's office and district attorneys violates supreme court rulings and local laws when it comes to bingo. Bingo is legal for non-profits to hold charity bingo electronic or paper, no judge has ruled electronic is illegal but they continue to harass these charities steal the equipment on the grounds of electronic bingo is illegal.

    1. If you have a basis in fact and law as to this situation you have every right to make this injustice known. Don't forget there is no injustice until someone makes it known.