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JSHIT #8, Have Judge That Will Lie!

Cebull #1, Hillman #195 (Bush Appointments), part: 3
 Folks, candor towards this tribunal has gone out the window.  I tried, but I can no longer have any respect for Judge Noel L. Hillman and his (JSHIT) understudy Magistrate Judge Karen M. Williams.  These judges are outright liars, and I will show you why I use such strong words. [Those just joining us may need to refer to "Candor Towards the Tribunal is Hard, But I'm Trying," to understand why I am so blunt at this point.]

Yes this posting will also introduce you to "JSHIT #8," which is having a judge that will outright lie for the party he is partial towards.  But, we will also be continuing with the "Cebull #1, Hillman #195 (Bush Appointments) series, and even though I am compelled to title this posting as you see above let's say that it is code named "Cebull #1, Hillman #195 (Bush Appointments), part: 3."

Here within I will continue to show you the lies and evasive statements of Judge Noel L. Hillman, as written within his own opinion of September 27, 2010, in civil action 08-cv-02407.  In "Cebull #1, Hillman #195...part:2" I set forth two paragraphs from Hillman's opinion.  Here we will be discussing the six sentenced first paragraph, and you will be shown that this man has managed to only tell the whole truth within the first sentence of the paragraph.  The next sentences are:

Sentence #2-  Subsequently, he amended his complaint multiple times. 
Sentence #3-  Hickson finally filed his third amended complaint in December 2009.

I will take these two sentences, and discuss them together, because combined they reveal the intended stealth of Judge Hillmans choice of words. I'm referring to the use of "multiple times" within the second sentence as apposed to just say that I amended the complaint three times, or not using the second sentence at all.  But this judge say's this to invoke prejudice from those that would read this opinion, especially those within the "good ole boy's and girls network."  [Can't you just hear them gritting their teeth, and hammering their fist, while saying "damn pro se plaintiffs.]
 That second sentence also tends to infer that said amendments were done without leave of the court when that is the farthest from the truth. The Courts docket sheet for 08cv02407 states: 11/02/2009, [35] Order granting 32 Motion to file Amended Complaint. [See Docket Sheet by clicking and scrolling to page 11]

Please sit down for this next bombshell of a lie, if your commuting to work have respect for those around you, don't blurt out "OH JSHIT."  This outright lie by a United States District Judge may have that affect, so be warned.

In the third sentence Judge Noel L. Hillman says that I filed the third amended complaint in December. Bold face lie folks as to cover their scheme, besides the docket sheet doesn’t lie and it gives the specific date of the filing, but if you are trying to detract from the fact that the federal rules of civil procedure state:

FRCVP 5 (d) (2) How Filing Is Made--In General. A paper is filed by delivering it:
  1. To the clerk: or
  2. To a judge who agrees to accept it for filing and who must then note the filing date on the paper and promptly send it to the clerk.

You lie and omit the exact dates because you know that you have other plans for this "versatile darkie." Yes, I went there.  Cebull say that our presidents mom said he is lucky he doesn't bark, so its safe to assume that [FN] Bush appointee #195 wanted this "darkie" to jump through some hoops, as shown by the events of December 14, 2009, with proselytization candidate Karen M. Williams presiding. [Seeing that her and I share the same skin tone Hillman may not consider her presiding, but "Stepping and fetching"]

The Magistrate Judge carried out the plan to the "T" folks, just take a look at "Proselytization of KMW," which details the goings-on of 12/14/2009, and links you to documentary proofs as well.  Pay close attention to the 6th paragraph and you will see that I mailed the "Third Amended Complaint on 8/17/2009, "Ms. Proselytization" received it on 8/18/2009, then-- I can only guess that she lost her [FN] mind and followed FRCVP 5 (d) (2) (B) as evidenced by the "Clerks" stamp on the damn document reading: " Case1:08-cv-02407-NLH-KMW   Document 32-2   Filed 08/18/09." Also note the big ass "Received 8/18/2009 Karen M. Williams." [Click link and scroll to page 15.  Please read all of this hand written letter to Ms. Proselytization]
 I would not jump through that hoop folk's.  The tape recording of the proceedings of 12/14/2009 should reflect that  I opened my New Jersey Rules of Court, Federal, and read the rule to this woman.  Again, you may want to sit down, because you know what she had the hubris to tell me; "You assumed I would grant you permission Mr. Hickson."  I wanted to tell her, "I did not assume shit, on 7/01/2009 your ass told me I had to amend the complaint, so that’s why I addressed the [FN] package to you, plus I know you're sitting there lying because I have a PACER account, and it shows that you was a good girl and filed it with the clerk, but now that pimp daddy is mad-- you coming down on a brotha, and or at least trying to mama."
 Now at that time I had [FN] candor for the tribunal, and I didn't say that to Judge Karen M. Williams, but as you can see she steadily continued to try and grease may ass up for "Mass-a Hillman."  I follow the teaching of the Honorable Thurgood Marshall, and I know that the law is a weapon, so that day I clenched by butt-cheeks, and used FRCVP 5  to prevent that judicial assault.

As usual I'm going to thank you oh so much for your time, ask that you tell a friend or two, but also ask that those that can comment without consequences, to please do so below.

Thank You,
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