Thursday, February 9, 2012

Candor Towards the Tribunal is Hard, But I'm Trying

Even as a pro se litigant I must observe the Rules of Professional Conduct, and one of them states that I must have proper "candor" towards the tribunal.  I'm going to assume this rule does not exempt one under attack by the tribunal, and even if it did, you could bet your last dollar that a judge would waste no time in finding you in contempt of court, and or using the same to throw your ass out of his courtroom.

Reading all the signs and seeing the writing on the wall and in his opinions, I know Judge Noel L. Hillman would gladly sock it to me if I were to ignore "candor" and call the "kettle black" so to speak.  At any rate folks we have just 13 days left until these judges show their true colors in this no win situation they have made for themselves.
 So lets take a look at the 4th paragraph of averment [16] that were are looking at in further detail.  This paragraph states:

Truth told you are covering for them because you can see that the warrant could never have existed, like I told Kosko on [FN] May 15, 2006.  But when it comes time for her to stand on her own, answer and refute 1:11-cv-06304 exhibit attachments (S) through (T) at pages 129 through 144 showing the lie, what do you do judge Hillman, but cosign the (JSHIT). You are running out of room with which to leave your dignity in tact judge Hillman.  Just Stop!

In the above paragraph when I say "But when it comes time for her to stand on her own," I am referring to Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey, Kathleen M. Bartus.  In the next half of the sentence I state the Kathleen Bartus can not refute the exhibits attached to civil action 11-cv-06304, Exhibits (S) through (T) at pages 129 through 144[Click the link and scroll to the respective pages]

Those that have viewed my long-winded post titled "Aggregating Further Showings ofBias" already know that once I get started I can go on-and-on.  Again I must stress that I am attempting to share each and every detail with all of you.  At the same time, just as I must show candor toward the court, I must also respect you time as well.
 Out of respect, and appreciation for your time, I have made an accurate and true copy of averments 133 through 146 of Civil Action 11-cv-06304, which fully explains and gives greater insight as to the context of the statements in reference to Ms. Bartus above. Please at your earliest convenience click the link and you will understand that I'm setting forth that the delay in Judge Karen M. Williams filing of the "Third Amended Complaint" to 08-cv-02407 was a part of these wrongdoers overall scheme.

By clicking the link above and following the links I have provided to the supporting proofs to averments 133 through 146 you will see why Judge Noel L. Hillman and Karen M. Williams have stepped in to preside over a matter that can reveal their bias and prejudice against those that are unafraid to acknowledge their misconduct and be ashamed that an African-American judge, after over-coming obstacles not faced by some of her peers, would fold, and allow herself to be proselytized into a good ole boy's and girls network, hell bent on denying African-Americans equal protection and meaningful access to the courts, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Once you have clicked the link to [copy of averments 133 through 146of Civil Action 11-cv-06304] and read the averment's of the complaint, plus viewed the supporting document, please come back to this post and let me know what you make of it, by way of a comment below.  I must go to work on the remaining averments of the recusal motion, so that you have all the facts, and in 13 days when the judges do not remove themselves as I am anticipating and predicting to you here and now, you will understand why, and be ready to call for their removal from the bench, and eliminate the threat they pose to denying those within this courts jurisdiction equal protection of all the laws and meaningful access to the same.
 The above may sound rash but I have found that those that feel they are above the law will never admit their wrongs, and they will stick to their lies to the end. They are the ones absent of candor towards the tribunal, hence we as citizens of these United States of America must unite and "Tribe-Up" against them.

Thank you for viewing, and please view all the documents, and tell a friend or two to do the same.
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