Thursday, March 22, 2012

Archives Opens the Eyes

While he was the chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Public Integrity Section, Noel L. Hillman was quoted as saying, "If you abuse the power of your office to advance your own political and financial interests at the expense of the people who elected you, the Department of Justice will identify you, investigate you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law."

The above quote can be found within the archives of Harper's Magazine's article entitled
"Noel Hillman and the Siegelman Case," written by Scott Horton.  I found that after reading this article my distrust of this judge were well placed, because the article leaves one believing that Judge Hillman received his judgeship under questionable circumstances.
 It appears from the article that the Bush administration did not want the "Jack Abramoff Capitol Hill lobbying scandal" to take out all of the good ole boy's so, then prosecutor Hillman was offered a judgeship back in New Jersey. Please, read the article for yourself and you be the judge, because as far as I'm concerned the next article supports my belief.

The above Harper's Magazine article was released in 2007.  The other article that I am referring to that supports my belief that Hillman was sent away is a Jan. 2006 article released by Martin Garbus for the Huffington Post, entitled "Bush'sBlatant Attempt to Obstruct and End the Abramoff Investigation."

Mr. Garbus says within this article that "At some point, it all becomes unbelievable.
President George W. Bush has not made many moves more unethical than offering Noel L. Hillman, the Abramoff prosecutor, a federal judgeship. Hillman has apparently been talking with Bush's representatives since last year, and on last Thursday, he publicly announced he was accepting the appointment."
Again I'll just deliver the message and you can read the letter for yourself, but I believe, because I see the whole scenario as the start of Hillmans "judicial Jedi" -NOT!- let's keep it real and call it what it is "Judicial Stealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactics" (JSHIT) training. 

The sad part is that Hillmans former target admitted his guilt, did his time and now you can see him on the internet telling the world about how he was able to do what he did.  Yes, I think by now that you know I have more in store, but today I just wanted to introduce you to my basis in facts.  These facts shed light as to why Judge Noel L. Hillman has refused to write an opinion in answer to my motion that he recuse himself.
You see this judge only knows how to take order's, he has no business writing them. He has sold out, because that can be the only answer when his past statement claim that he is for justice, but when it's time for him to met it out, he can't because his bosses have not instructed him to do so.  Once he attempted to take out a Casino lobbyist and now he is the Casino Shield.

But you read the articles for yourself and you be the judge. Are the archives an eye opener?

Thank you,
The Casino Gaming Oracle!

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