Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Word of Thanks!

(Atlantic City, NJ)- On this Thursday, January 26, 2012, Casino Gaming Oracle @ would like to thank the many viewer's that have visited my blog, wherein I am chronicling the injustice being exacted in Southern New Jersey.

During the ten days that I was in the Atlantic County jail I was never arraigned on any charge, and on May 25, 2006 I was, as unbelievable as it sounds, thrown out of the county jail.   This is when the real "Judicial Stealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactics" (JSHIT), really kick in, after all there are a lot of Constitutional Rights violations to be covered up.  This continues do to lack of knowledge by the public at large.  [See Hickson v Acme Justice Corporation]
 This is where you the viewers of this blog come in.   Today I was blessed to view a blog at, headed "5 Powerful Steps to Build a 6-Figure Blog."  A person in my shoes would welcome a 6-figure blog, but lets get one thing clear, and that is the fact that I am so thank-full and appreciative of the "4-figure" status of this blog, as it stands today.  Why?

As you can see from the postings within this blog I am fighting those that have the power to project the appearance of duly administering justice.  They have the power to manipulate the courts records, over expose documents filed with the court, and create falsehood's to the point where a 78 page document now stand's at 70 pages.  [See Proselytizationof KMW]

When judges of a United States District Court ratifies and partakes of such conduct it becomes a matter of public interest, again that’s where you come in.  When all of the allegations of the complaint's filed have been denied and there are issues for a jury to decide, but the judge does all within his power to keep the matter from a jury, that’s where you come in.  When the law says that the standard to determine when a judge should recuse him of herself, is that of a reasonable person armed with all of the relevant facts of the matter, that’s where you come in.  [See Absolute Immunity via Recusal (part two)]

To the 1805 page viewers as of 12:11PM on 1/26/2012, thank you.  To the one follower as of the same date and time thank you.  I further thank the 343 followers of the Gaming Oracle on  But please, keep this in mind, our judicial system is designed so that a jury of 6 decides a case brought before them.  You are most appreciated because one in my situation requires a 6-figure jury just to get to the normal six person jury.  I'm asking that you be the judge of the judges so that we know our system works.
  So, continue to stand with me.  Tell two friends, and tell them to tell two friends, and we can move this mountain.  Voice your opinions via comments, re-tweet my postings on twitter, subscribe in the subscription box to the right above, and most importantly those with more knowledge than I, correct me if you see an error, and affirm what you see as a truth. This is your case just as much it is mine.  The public must protect its right to have confidence in its judicial officials, and those in the legal profession have an obligation to protect the integrity of this profession.  Are You In?
 Thank you one and all,
The Casino Gaming Oracle!

Black History Month 2012 reigns in and all still do not have equal protection of the laws and meaningful access to the Courts of these United States of America.

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