Friday, January 27, 2012

Spam? NOT! My Cause is!

Spamming AC Beaches this is!

To all the "Star Wars" fans and others that are not, I posit that you may search the heavens and all of the websites with "Yoda Quotes," yet you will not find "Spam? Not! My Cause is!"  This is a "Casino Gaming Oracle" original.

Back in the day "Spam" came with a key. Ask any ole head and they will tell you the frustrations of getting that key to circumvent that odd-shaped-can.  Today you just pop the top and shake that puppy out so to speak. [See] Today and on this venue we use the word in a different context, and spam is something we don't want to much of.  How much of your civil and constitutional rights do you want?
One can not spam a cause.  Wait! Before the hater's fly up in arms, hear this.  George Bush said Sadaam had weapons of mass destruction, told the nation.  Was that spam?  Turned out to be bull-you-know what, but was it spam, I ask? [See Bush knew Saddam had no weapons ofmass destruction]
 The Civil Rights Movement called for the equal treatment of all U.S. citizens, yes the momentum was carried by the African-American citizens of the United States, but there were other ethnic groups involved in this calling.  That's it, you see it?  A calling. Both of the given examples were callings, callings that were of public interest.

Even today there is division on this issue of the above movement. The Gov. of the State of New Jersey has posited that there was no need for this movement to take to the streets and the same could have been accomplished by referendum. In response "Black leaders" voiced their displeasure and the article "Black Leaders Blast NJ Governor's Slap at Civil Rights" reports the same. Is this spam I ask?

Yes there will still be some nay-Sayers  that will disagree, but I further posit that like "beauty," a cause is in the eye of the beholder, and or it falls on the ear of the listener.  Whether said listener agrees with what he or she hears is their decision, but the information still forms a cause for those that support the idea.  Hence those that supported former President Bush signed on to go get Sadaam.  Those that supported the Civil Rights Movement marched. Those that disagreed with NJ Gov. Christie, stood up.
I am releasing the facts of a machination exacted by the Southern New Jersey Casino industry, where by they use the Municipal Court of Atlantic City New Jersey to effect unlawful eviction of patrons, in violation of said patron's civil and constitutional rights.  Said machination has progressed to the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, wherein judges loyal to the Atlantic City Casinos' attempt to grant said corporations an undue advantage in violation of the Constitution of the State of New Jersey.  [See Hickson v Acme Justice Corporation]

I am asking the you, the public at large view my allegations and supporting evidence, and make your own conclusion.  The acts I reveal are comparable to "Weapons of Mass Destruction" for they destroy the fabric of our judicial system, and consume our trust in the integrity of the courts, in a "mushroom cloud" of doubt and disbelief that judicial officers are committing such acts.
When you see a reference to "thecasinogamingoracle," or a friend asks, "have you heard about (JSHIT)," or you see one of the two on "Twitter," you will have the choice to make, "will I stand and march to eradicate this blight upon my judicial system, or ignore it for the effect is not direct as of this day."  I posit the day will come when the effect is direct.  Your heart-of-heart's will tell you the same, even now you may be saying "Spam Not This Cause Is."

Thank You, one and all, please tell a friend or two!
The Casino Gaming Oracle!

Black History Month 2012 reigns in and all still do not have equal protection of the laws and meaningful access to the Courts of these United States of America.


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