Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bad Law-Law Bad, Yet They Follow

Law based upon fraud upon the court is bad law.  Judicial officer's perpetrating fraud upon the court is worse than bad law and they make the law look bad for the system itself is bad, hence the law is bad.  But, even when a court, or should I say a judge, writes bad law that is followed by other judges, said law spreads and makes all law bad.
 Thanks to my trip to the law library today I can show you better than I can tell you.  By now everyone knows that I am talking about Judge Noel L. Hillman's opinion of Sept, 27, 2010, reported as  Hickson v. Marina Associates, 743 F.Supp.2d 362.  The first time that I read this opinion folks, my first impression was I can not allow this to stand, (1) it is contrary to the law (2) it say's that it's okay to kidnap African-Americans (3) there are those within this courts jurisdiction that will not be blessed to understand this as I have been blessed and lastly, it has my name on it.

If Judge Noel L. Hillman and Earl D. Hickson are to be forever joined by this opinion let the world know the truth, as I am sharing through this blog.  Today folks I came across another of my fears, and it sets the stage for your concern as well.  If you allow your court judges to act as I am showing you how Noel L. Hillman acts, this will be the results.  Today I shepardized "Hickson v. Marina Associates, 743 F. Supp. 2d 362, and as of2/23/2012 this case has been cited by six other cases, plus it is referenced within the UNITED STATES CODE SERVICE 42 USCS § 1981, under interpretive note "153. Miscellaneous," at page 117 stating:

"Arrestee failed to establish 42 USCS § 1981 claims arising from alleged deprivation of casino credits that arrestee was accused of stealing but claimed were abandoned; there were insufficient allegations that arrestee was deprived of protected right on basis of race. Hickson v Marina Assocs. (2010, DC NJ) 743 F Supp 2d 362."

For those not versed in the law, the above is important folks.  It is a statutory provision of the United States of American, showing that it (the U.S.A.) is reporting the holdings of Judge Noel L. Hillman. Yet you are seeing what said opinion is base upon. If no one say's a damn thing Judge Noel L. Hillman's opinion will keep being cited till it becomes law of the land.

All within my age group remember the Saturday morning song on how a bill becomes a law?  Well folks, judge made law doesn't go through the same process, this (JSHIT)  of Hillman's is being pushed up the hill.  One of the most important reasons to stop it to me is…
 If said decision was based upon fraud and a judges willful ignorance of his oath to uphold the constitution of the United States, that amounts to treason.  If other judges follow this opinion and lawyers cite it they in turn are treasonous, but they have the "Lincoln Lawyer" excuse of willful ignorance so to speak, I must add that because they do have an obligation to investigate the case law they recite.

Again, for those in my age group that listened to "R & B," here's a scenario that would be perfect for the song "Things that make you go Hmm."  What if, some conscientious judicial officer were involved in this case from the start, and saw what was going on, or what if one is reading this blog and learns of the facts and reports them to the "FBI," and they in-turn perform an investigation which corroborates my allegations, and ethic's committee or board looks at Hillman's writings and determine that he is treasonous.
 Then what happens to Hickson v Marina Assocs. (2010, DC NJ) 743 F Supp 2d 362?  Does Karen M. Williams get to show her true color's and not say that's why she loves me, but "oops brotha, my bad?"  What about Deputy Attorney General Kathleen M. Bartus, does the State of New Jersey continue to employ her, opp's my bad, for she is up in age, I meant do they retire her ass with full pension?  Will they do the same for Mark Kosko the NJ State Trooper, Bartus filed the un-executed warrants with the court for,  that Hillman couched his opinion on.  Lets not forget the ring leader Christopher C. Mauro, will he continue to work and have offices in Princeton, NJ, yet mail shit from NY, will he further continue to submit bogus depositions to U.S. District Courts that are captioned for NJ Superior Courts. Hmm?

Say the above could never happen huh? You nay-sayer, you.  You never heard of U.S. v. Reich, 479 F.3d 179, 183, holding:

"Magistrate Judge Mann learned of the forged Order sometime in the afternoon of June 17 or June 18, when the attorney for one of the investor-defendants called her chambers to say he had heard that she had issued a decision. On June 18, she signed an order stating that the forged Order was fraudulent, had not been issued by the court, and should not be relied on in any manner. See Order, Ryan Beck v. Fakih, No. 02 Civ. 4052 (E.D.N.Y. June 23, 2003) (Docket Entry No. 110). She also contacted the Second Circuit so that it would not rely on the forged Order for purposes of considering the mandamus application, and notified the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York of the forged Order. The United States Attorney's Office referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI") for investigation."

I applaud Magistrate Judge Mann above as she had courage, she did not fold to injustice. She did not fold to the "good ole boy's and girl's" code, she knew wrong is wrong.  Now things should start to become a bit more clearer, and you should understand why Judge Hillman pounced upon the motion to recuse within 33 minutes, but now you also understand why said ruling is three days late and counting.  I have no doubt that the entire Courthouse in Camden knows what's going on, and they know they all f@#$-up.  [Summons' lacking Court Seals and all]  "Bad Law-Law bad that candor towards the tribunal. Good thing were not before them huh?
 One last thing, you should also see that if this blog is reaching those under and ethical duty, you now know why this blog gets zero comments, you guessed it, it's read in the confines of the "Lincoln," and what's read in the Lincoln, stays in the Lincoln. "Bad Lincoln Law-Lincoln Law Bad…

Thank you, have a great weekend, and please invite a friend or two to the Lincoln.
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