Monday, December 5, 2011

The River Comes Ace of Spades, Cop and a Dog!

(Atlantic City, NJ)
On the River- The Dogs are Brought In and the Patron is Dragged Out

Believe it or not some casino patrons at Caesars Atlantic City may have had flash-backs to the 1960's when the Atlantic City Police department stormed on the scene bring a police dog in the casino and on the casino floor.  What's next fire hoses?

After the casino security supervisor pushed our ill-informed patron in the chest all "HELL" breaks loose, and I must say the way this man was shoved it would have been hard for this writer to accept it too.  So quite naturally he responds with "Oh now you gonna put you hands on me", and he pushes the supervisor back.  Yes you guessed it no one tackled the supervisor when he pushed the patron.

No sooner than the patron pushes the supervisor back, three to four other Caesars Security Officers pounce on him.  Now this guy weighed a buck fifty to 180 lbs. max.  The supervisor falls around the guys waist trying to bring him down, but dude is to strong for them. "He yells out to the on-lookers "do you see this, I haven't done nothing and this is what I get."  I could see the embarrassment, fear and anger building in him, after no one comes to his aide, none of his attacker yield, but continue to try and take him down he again, defends himself, quite well I must add.

By now they (Caesars Security) has swarmed this guy, pushed him down the two steps out of the poker room and into a corner.  Upon dragging him down finally, one of the security officers grabs his left hand and twists it until the guy screams out in pain.  I can only guess that fear and pain kicked in and with a show of amazing human strength he manages to break free of the wrist lock, and once more attempts to defend himself.  The rumble goes on, then you see an Atlantic City police officer rush in, doesn't ask anyone shit, but proceeds to jump in the crowd of security officers, and starts landing blows on the usual suspect. (Yes the black man) See video below A.C.P.D. in yellow and black, one had on biker helmet.

The above act by the A.C. Police officer wasn't the shocker, because two to three more A.C. Police ran in to join the feeding frenzy.  But wait, the A.C.P.D. must have a motto, "It ain't no fun unless the dog can get some", yep cause it appears that the K-9 unit wasted no time upon hearing a broadcast to the tune of something like "Black-male acting up at Caesars all units respond, release the Crackon" or something to that affect. 

That's right folks they brought a dog on the casino floor, I guess they figured one dog can do the job better than three to four Caesars Security Officers, and three to four more A.C. Police Officers to calm or should I say intimidate this "Negro" into submission. NOT! But thankfully they had the where-with-all  not to let the dog lose on him in the casino, but I can't speak on what happened in transport or at the station.  Why would I make such a statement?  Well I've seen first hand a few brothers that were the victims of A.C.P.D's K-9 unit. But you don't have to take my word read the article where the Mayor of Atlantic City suspended this unit.

Well I just wanted to share this with you, plus let this victim know that someone other than his friend and the girl that was with him gave a damn.  The girl attempted to video the events as did I but Caesars Security was not to pleased as you would be able to hear on her recordings.  They went so far as to tell her she was not allowed to take pictures on the casino floor.  Now you know why they tell us this, one so that they can kick our ass and secondly maybe if you hit a jackpot and photo it they can't jack you by saying the symbols were not on the pay line.  At any rate I pray that the young man see's and or hears about this blog so that he can present his side of the story fairly.  Please watch the video you could be next unless you practice Happy and Knowledgeable Gaming!  Now I have to get back to my story and boy it's about to heat up as well so don't fall off!

26 Seconds of Video I was able to Get

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