Monday, December 5, 2011

Ball of Confusion and Ignorance is no Excuse

(Atlantic City, NJ)
Last time I left you with the question, "By law all this should be on the surveillance tape right?"  Well, while I have your attention lets take a look at what the law says.  In the State of New Jersey The regulation of Casino activity fall under the New Jersey Casino Control Act, (The Act), and the New Jersey Administrative Codes, (The Regulations). Links to "The Act" and "The Regulations" provided in "Source Links" on the right.

How many of you know the saying: "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice but to deceive?"  One taking a look at the New Jersey Administrative Codes fully understands this maxim, why? Look at it.  If you put a gun to his or her head and told them they had one minute to show you the section dealing with whatever you said, you might as well put on 4 pair socks, 4 pair underwear, a grey sweat shirt and pants cause your ass going to jail.

For those wanting to know, NJAC 19:45-1.11 regulates the organization of casinos' in New Jersey.  NJAC 19:45-1.11 (b) (1) regulates the "Surveillance Departments" of NJ casinos'. New Jersey casino "Security Departments" are regulated by NJAC 19:45-1.11 (b) (6).  Simple enough you say?  Well, to keep your attention I did not delve into the (52) subsection under NJAC 19:45-1.11 (b), some of which have their own subparts, so you owe me on that, but again do you? Maybe not, because you might be in need of what's contained in one of those subsections or subparts and because there were so many I just didn't mention them.  The same thing happens when a trained lawyer goes through these regulations. 

I suggest that those gaming as a profession, owe it to themselves to learn how to navigate these laws, or proceed at their own peril. Today I ask you, what if the gentleman that I'm telling you about had been one of those enlightened by my previous posting "(Exclusion of Patrons by a Casino III)", would he have known better than giving in to the security supervisors goading?  I say yes, but your free to form your own opinion, that’s why I'm just the messenger.

Hopefully, I have your attention and this young mans beating was not in vein.  But I must constrain myself to the rules of blogging and close here.  Why, because you're not letting me know if the message is getting through, you bop through my blog rape the message and won't even cuddle, smoke a cigarette, or better yet leave me a comment.  (Wham-Bam thank you damn) That's not good so now I'm left to tease you with bits and pieces and hope you come back.  Well I'll be back in a few till then You Know, Happy and Knowledgeable Gaming! Your boy TheCasinoGamingOracle a/k/a Oggo.

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