Sunday, December 4, 2011

Poker Player Takes Bad Beating at Caesars Part II

(Atlantic City, NJ)
Flop to a Bad Beating at Atlantic City Casino

Earlier I broke the story about the bad beating at Caesars Hotel and Casino Atlantic City. If you're just getting in on this story you'll need to catch up to speed by viewing my previous post at Poker Player Takes Bad Beating at Caesars(Physically).  That part of the story  was "pre-flop to the bad beat."

To continue the story, the first patron that was asked to leave the poker room was not happy that he had to leave and the "Black" poker player was able to continue playing.  He pleaded his case with the poker room manager and goaded him into placating his desire to have the other player removed from the game as well, by insulting the poker room manager.  Again the poker room manager, wanting to save face with this man, called security to have the black poker player removed also.

Before the first security officer arrived the two poker players continued to exchange words back and forth, with the poker room manager in between the two.  This took place at a distance of some ten to fifteen feet, the poker room manager was continually telling the white poker player to just leave, but he kept turning and making comments to the black poker player while he was sitting at the table attempting to let the game resume.

The white poker player called the black player some sort of "[FN] loser", and the black player responded from the table across the room, "why don't you go lose at Blackjack" now the white guy starts making invitations for them to go outside.  The poker manager says "ok that’s enough you have to leave this area you can't be making threats to other player."

The first security officer arrived on the scene and speaks with the poker room manager, and was told by the manager that the black poker player had to leave.  Hearing that, the white poker player yells "ok your ass is outa here too!"  Apparently pleased with himself now he finally heads towards the cashier to cash his gaming chips.

The security officer walks over to the black poker player, asks him nothing but gives him the thumb gesture "lets go you're outta here."  The black player say why?  He tell the security officer in a normal voice--his side of what happened to cause the disturbance and tells him to ask the other players at the table if what he said  was true.  The security officer gestures once more and say that he doesn't care the manager said you have to leave.

The black man walks over to the poker room podium, where the manager was and calmly asks him why he has to leave when you saw and heard what happened.  An accurate and un-cut version of the surveillance video will substantiate this fact.  Hopefully?   While the black patron is pleading his case another black patron that was at the same table went over to offer support to the first guy.  They both attempt to calmly tell their version of the events.  Another man, that was sitting at the game, a white patron comes over and lends support to the two black men and this group is further joined by a white woman that was there at the table, and she attempts to tell the security officers the same as the two black guys and one white guy.

The situation starts to lean towards a calm until a Casino Security Supervisor arrives on the scene. He clearly enters with the attitude that he is the law.  He immediately invades the black poker player's personal space and gets right in his face and starts telling him "You have to leave."  The black player seeing that this man having just arrived on the scene, not being informed by anyone as to whats going on, is now telling him he has to leave.  As I said before the situation was calming to where an amicable resolution was possible. But!

Now the Casino Security Supervisor starts to flex his bravado-- and what he says goes, no if and-or-but's.  This Supervisor clearly from my experience, was well versed in provoking patrons to become boisterous.  There was no need for him to invade that mans space, get in his face, as if they were the participants in a "pre-fight-stare-down" but that’s what he did.  Guess what?  It worked, because the black poker player was over-come with embarrassment an was goaded into raising his voice in his own defense.

Now these two were in a shouting match.  The other black player and the white woman did all to bring the young man back to the table and calm him down.  Their efforts were blocked by the casino security officers.  I could see that they were not going to be denied a chance to release some testosterone.  Besides these punk's or should I say (hard-rocks with casino security badges) had the numbers.  And like sharks picking up a drop of blood in the water they knew that their supervisor would deliver the feeding frenzy.  And that he did when he shoved the black poker player in the chest.  By law all this should be on the surveillance tape right?

Well come back later when I'll continue the story and let you in on who let the dogs out.  Something's about to jump off in here and those of you that are followers of this blog will see why I close with "Happy and Knowledgeable Gaming!"  TheCasinoGamingOracle

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