Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BITCH and I'm Not Talking About Life

(Atlantic City, NJ)- Before we can move on to see how Atlantic City Casinos "Brandish Injustice Thereby Castrating Honor", we must understand the means for its attainment.  That's the easy part, because in this century "money" moves things, and the Atlantic City Casinos know they make a lot of it for the State of New Jersey.

Hence if New Jersey's economy or revenue base is synonymous to a waterwheel, the Atlantic City Casinos are the water.   The laws of nature show us that water flows from high places to the lower places, and we can see this when we look at our rivers.  But what about the rivers of funds that flow from the Atlantic City Casinos?

Oh!  Not to worry every aspect of Casino Gaming in New Jersey is regulated by the Casino Control Act and title 19 of New Jersey's Administrative Codes so that everything with the casinos "is on-the-up-and-up."  WARNING: "there is no truth to the events that one see's in the 1995 movie "Casino".   People stealing from people that steal is fiction, besides that was Las Vegas and the State of New Jersey see's to it that that cannot happen by way of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

If you have been following this blog, you're saying to yourself wait a minute, you told us back in  the fourth paragraph of "Insurance Open-Insurance Closed" that the Casino Control Commission has been removed from the casino floor of Atlantic City Casinos.  Well, come to Atlantic City, see for yourself.  Where do you think all of the Casino Control Commission Inspectors have gone?  Are they all in the back rooms that we saw in the movie "Casino", making sure that no briefcases full of cash are walking?  Not!

It might not have reached that state yet, and even when it does reach that point, you and I, John and Jane Q public will never know, because they already have their "BITCH" in place.  Those that "Brandish Injustice To Castrate Honor" (BITCH).  They are there to ensure that New Jersey's waterwheel keeps spinning.  We can't see how the money flow up from southern NJ, or how the payouts are made to the Atlantic City Casinos "BITCH'(s)."  But we can assume that "Honor" can be bought like everything else, especially from those that will easily sell out.

Now I'm getting longwinded again, but join me later when I'll introduce you to some of the lawless-one's that "Brandish Injustice Thereby Castrating Honor."  To date I've shown you the hubris with which they operate, and now its time you see these BITCH(s) for who they really are.  Why? You have the power to castrate them, yes you can crush them by their gonads, and I chose "gonads" because most walk around like they sling big balls, but then you have their female counterparts as well, which some of the "Big Ballers" hide behind or use as a front.

"Everybody go hotel--motel--holiday in, if my judges been acting up-- then I tell my [FN] friends. You know, I can get by with a little help from my friends.

See Ya Real Soon, The Casino Gaming Oracle!

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Black History Month 2012 reigns in and all still do not have equal protection of the laws and meaningful access to the Courts of these United States of America.

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