Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Insurance Open Insurance Closed

Years ago if one stood you any blackjack table at a casino, they were bound to over hear the phrase, "The book says." Was this a law book, the Bible or some reference on the game itself.  As it turns out the later is the case, but now days that is a dying phrase as most blackjack player simply reach to their shirt pockets or purses to retrieve their trusty strategy cards.

In my last post you found out that the Casino Control Commission desk's and or window's of old are gone. Why? Because the book says so.  So, lets take a look at what the law books used to say about our so called protector the Casino Control Commission. Before February 1, 2011, N.J.Stat. 5:12-63 Duties of the Commission held: "The Casino Commission shall have general responsibility for the implementation of this act, as hereinafter provided, including without limitation the responsibility." This statute was then divided into subsections (a through i).

For this posting the relevant subsection of the statute above was N.J.Stat. 5:12-63 (f) holding: "To be present through its inspectors and agents at all times during the operation of any casino or simulcasting facility for the purpose of certifying the revenue thereof, receiving complaints from the public relating to the conduct of gaming and simulcast wagering operations, examining records of revenues and procedures, and conducting periodic reviews of operations and facilities for the purpose of evaluating current or suggested provisions of P.L. 1977, c. 110 (C. 5:12-1 et seq.) and the regulations promulgated thereunder." [Insurance Open]

Fast forward back to the present and you will find that the "Act" has changed.  N.J.Stat. 5:12-63 (f) now states: "(Deleted by amendment, P.L.2011, c.19)."  [Insurance Closed] What does the Legislature mean when it deletes this provision of law.  Is there no one present at all times during the operation of any casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to receive complaints from the public relating to the conduct of gaming and simulcast wagering operation? Guess they are all with Waldo or as "Starchild" enlighten us that someone was devoid of funk, we the public are devoid of the Casino Control Commissions presence on the casino floors in Atlantic City. Sounds like no representation to me, what do you think?

Oops, for those of you that may have been at a blackjack table and whipped out your cell phones to find our if you should take insurance, the book and the cards say only insure your blackjack or take even money. Happy lawful and knowledgeable gaming!

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