Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Article I of The Casino Control Act of New Jersey

Now that we have some basics under our belts, lets focus our attentions on the Casino Control Act.  N.J. Stat. 5:12-1 (a) holds: "This act shall be known and may be cited as the "Casino Control Act."

Subsection (b) of N.J. Stat. 5:12-1 states: "The Legislature hereby finds and declares to be the public policy of this State, the following," and the statute continues to divide into (19) subsections under (b). One can not walk the boardwalk in Atlantic City without hearing someone complain about the slot machines being fixed not to pay-out. I'll cover that later but for now rest assured that the law says that you and I, John and Jane  Q. Public, should have every confidence and trust in the States regulation of casino gaming.

After all N.J. Stat. 5:12-1(b) (6) says: "An integral and essential element of the regulation and control of such casino facilities by the State rests in the public confidence and trust in the credibility and integrity of the regulatory process and of casino operations.  To further such public confidence and trust, the regulatory provisions of this act are designed to extend strict State regulation to all persons, locations, practices and associations related to the operation of licensed casino enterprises and all related service industries as herein provided.  In addition, licensure of a limited number of casino establishments, with the comprehensive law enforcement supervision attendant thereto, is further designed to contribute to the public confidence and trust in the efficacy and integrity of the regulatory process." So there you have it and don't you go listening to the grumblers on the boardwalk, be confident that the casino slot machines will accept every bill you feed it. 
Hey, lets try an experiment. Do you know someone that's in an Atlantic City casino right now.  Tweet them and ask them to go over to the Casino Control Commission's desk and ask about the filing of a patron's complaint on gaming operation at lets say a blackjack table. Go ahead I'll wait. (One thousand one, one thousand two) NOT! Can't happen, you see just this year in 2011 the State of New Jersey removed the Casino Control Commission from the floor's of the Atlantic City casino's. So if you or you tweep's that you have wondering around on a wild goose chase wish to lodge a complaint you'll have to go to the casino's security podium and file your complaint and OH rest assured he or she will gladly file your complaint in the you know what file under his or her desk leaving you and your tweep's further up that creek, no paddle and no current. 

Oops, you do have recourse you can await the appearance of a DGE officer like I had to in the last posting. Retweet your peeps and tell them not to cause a scene because they can't find the CCC for you, if they get to loud or boisterous the casino will ask them to leave. Can they? I'll address that tomorrow, now I lay me down to sleep and I pray these laws you keep.  God bless and Good Night! 
[Those wishing to view the above statutes may go to the "Source Link" to the right, click "The Act" scroll to "Article 1" and see page 2 of the word of PDF documents]

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