Monday, May 7, 2012

Appreciating Those Viewing the First 100

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to each and every viewer of The Casino Gaming Oracle.  This post marks a milestone, it is the 100th post of this blog site.

My much appreciated loyal viewers know that I strive to thank each of you for viewing this blog.  From day one this blog has been my vehicle to make the corruption and injustice exacted in Southern New Jersey known.
 Trust me, it is not easy getting the word out on injustice these days, especially on this venue.  With all the competition for you viewership, I'm thankful to have made it this far.  Just look at the name of the blog.  Who would expect to read about legal matters, or injustice from a site named the casino gaming oracle?

According to all the so called laws of blogging this blog should not be relevant, but your continued support tells a story to the contrary.  With this 100th post and over 7200 page views the word is spreading.  Yeah, the law does not appeal to many.  I mean with all of the Stumbling, Pinning, and Insta-this, and Digging-that going on it's a wonder I get 10 views per post.
 But, as the numbers are showing, there are some of you that care about this subject matter.  To all the lawyers and other judicial officers that support me, thank you, because I know and understand the particular circumstances that you face in expressing any agreement you may have with the concepts and truth's I'm setting forth.  Yet I must say that if I were a lawyer I would do all to protect my profession and acknowledge the truth when I see it.

 To date the most popular post are:

  • Hickson v Acme Justice Corporation- this is overall introductory post as to what this civil action is all about.  A great place to get up to speed in the corruption and the acronym (JSHIT) is also introduced. For those that didn't get it, I titled this post because our judge in this matter is just like the coyote, all his "Acme (JSHIT)" fails.
  • Absolute Immunity Via Recusal- In this post I introduce you to the motion for recusal by which the judges could have saved their absolute immunity, but now that as of 5/7/2012 said ruling on the motion is 76 days past due the 2/21/2012 hearing date, it would appear that we have proof of further violation of my Constitutional Rights.
  • All-In-All It's Just More JSHIT on the Wall- In this post I asked the question: You be the judge, has the court been given notice that the plaintiff's are seeking the recusal of these judges from civil actions 11-cv-06304 and 08-cv-02407? After linking to my proofs this posts blasted it's way to the 3rd most popular post, while being one of the youngest post on the list.
  • Proselytization of KMW- If there was on post that I would hope the world could see it would be this one, why? First of all you have a new African-American, female judge yielding to the "Good ole Boy's Network." Enough said, why, because as a judge gender, and race should not come into play, but then to fold under pressure is unforgivable. Then this judge had the nerve to go out and give a seminar on Human Rights to a sorority of African-American women that should be able to look up to her.
 Please continue to tune in as these civil actions are still on-going and the resolution is not around the corner.  I do have actions to take and I will see justice done. I will further need all the help I can get from you, my viewers.  Please continue to tell a friend or two and lawyers, if you must, have a friend comment for you but do comment, and if you are not a lawyer and just have a question, please ask it and I will do my best to answer it for you.

Thank You one and all,
Gaming Oracle!


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