Sunday, February 26, 2012

JSHIT: Corruptions Acrimonious Acronym

Regardless of what you may call it, "Corruption," "Judicial Stealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactics," or "JSHIT" it will still be "Wrong," as in "a wrong."  Fighting it is an up-hill battle and it can be like the  Raymond J Johnson Jr. dilemma?

"JSHIT: Judicial Stealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactics," previously posted, defined and or put in context this acronyms usage here at the Casino Gaming Oracle.  Think of it as a word describing corruption with "Flava" so to speak.  For most of the "brotha's" on lock down already, the term will bring back memories of when they were going back and forth to court and they would always return saying, "you know, the judge on some bullshit."
 The bad news is the entire system on that same bullshit, so today I thought I would share with you, others interpretations and experiences of the same (JSHIT).  They, "tends-ta" call it corruption, though.  Guess they on some candor towards the tribunal bullshit. Anyway…

"Ok, here is the problem New Jersey and its corruption.  Too many acronyms representing too many so-called anti-corruption offices and agencies that are intentionally ineffective.  For example there are the SCI (State Commission of Investigation), the OGI (Office of Governmental Integrity), the OIA (Office of Intergovernmental Affairs), the AG (Attorney General), the IG (Inspector General), and the PAO (Public Advocate's Office) and even the OAE (Office of Attorney Ethics) just to name a few…

From within, as a trained, veteran criminal investigator and as a corruption victim, I have been to each and every of these so called "corruption" agencies and provided sound proof of crimes by public officials (police, prosecutors, judges and politicians), and each and every one proved it can be diverted from the more powerfully connected.  Only the poorly disconnected or those out of favor will ever find themselves in hot water.  When irrefutable proof can be de-factualized (from my own dictionary) despite the existence of evidence from the vaults of the corrupt public officials themselves, then law and justice are simply to elusive concepts no-existence within the boundaries of NJ."

If I get the chance to meet Judge Noel L. Hillman myself, I will have to introduce Mr. Baranoski to him also, so that Hillman can tell him (Baranoski) that he too lacks the personal knowledge to make his claims.  But, "good ole boy" Hillman would run into a problem, as soon as he (Hillman) would attempt to explain to Baranoski that he is just not satisfied with his superiors rulings, Hillman would again be met with resistance to his attempted proselytization.  One, Dale Baranoski, displays courage by forthrightly naming those he deems guilty, and two, Judge Hillman would be talking to a Westampton Police Department Sergeant that speaks with his God given boldness when he proclaims:

"Sometimes all it takes is one man to step up and do the right thing. In my battle against this corruption, I have never shirked my responsibility to combat crime. Never has my integrity or honesty been impeached. After having exhausted all remedies to bring those responsible to justice, I have elected in exposing them, and a legal system in decay that allows such criminality to be managed through it."

If one were to go to Mr. Baranoski's website at and click "other victims" they won't find the names Earl Hickson of Markland Grant.  They will be able to read other stories resounding in "JSHIT" though.   Such as the "Victim Pasquarelli" matter wherein a judge had been served with a foreclosure notice by the "victim," yet the judge refused to recuse himself. Hmm?  Sounds like JSHIT  to me folks, but check it out for yourselves.   You know how I do, I just provide the facts, and let you be the judge.  But don't be surprised when you visit Mr. Baranoski's site, because he has documentary proofs too folks. Hmm? [Sounds like JSHIT with proofs.]
I'm starting to see why they (the United States) didn't want to allow African-Americans to be able to testify in a Court of law.  If you know you'll be exacting so much "JSHIT" against people you couldn't possibly allow them to get on the stand and tell it.  Hmm, that may further explain why the term "feeble minded" was coined, and intended to label those that now had a right to, and would be able tell it on the stand, and who know a jury might believe that shit.  Hmm, hence maybe doubt could be instilled in "feeble minded" testimony. 
But what now, above we have the son of a respected former "Chief of Police," that came up through the ranks to be a "Sergeant" himself, and now he is publicly claiming to be a victim of "Corruption," as he calls it.  Is he "feeble minded" or just lacking of personal knowledge.  Hey, Judge Noel L. Hillman, help us out here, the African-American and the White-American's are both crying "JSHIT." 
 All this writer can say is, "Candor dies slowly, as this man (Baranoski), for what ever reasons calls what he has experienced "corruption."  I would have to assume that it was his lack of a better description that caused him to call in that."  But just as RaymondJ. Johnson Jr. would rant if you called him "Johnson," he (Baranoski) doesn't have to call it corruption any more for he can call it "Judicial Stealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactics," or he can call it "JSHIT," but he doesn't have to call it "corruption."  Get all the facts, check out his website, and then ask him yourselves, and I'll bet you he will still call it "WRONG."

"You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it."  Malcolm X

Thank You,
The Casino Gaming Oracle!

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