Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ain't Trying to Battle-Choke!

This is a shout out to all my people that be rhyming, like all the rappers at Grind-Time-Now, Queen-of-the-Ring, Ultimate-Rap-League, and AHAT.  Please help me explain to the rest of them what I mean when I say that:  "Judge Noel L. Hillman and his crew can't see me, so now he hiding and ducking--my motion to recuse that ass-- is like a "shotty" buck-bucking"

Hold up wait a minute--its time that my real people's learn how these judges been hit-in.  When it comes to this law shit, I gotta end this (JSHIT).  So if you don't know what it means give this link a click.  [JSHIT: JudicialStealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactics]   On the real though, I'm not a rapper and I can't even come close, but when comes to kicking case law and statutes all the judges get ghost. Holla!
Yo, I know I can depend on my real people's to shout-out and tell two friends that Gaming Oracle just won't quit it--"ole head" like "D-Nice" taking out these sucker's and they don't know how he did it.  So, QB-Black Diamond, Dirt, Ms. Hustle, and Conceited--call all your peoples and let them know some support for this "brotha" is needed. [Yo, I'm calling out all at Grind-Time-Now, Queen-of-the-RingUltimate-Rap-League and AHAT] Nov drop another video, I know how you do, you be calling jokers out just like I do--too!

For those that have been following this blog please stay with me, but I need a minute to kick it with my people, just in case the (JSHIT) practitioners try to put me in a body bag.  I've been kicking it with a little "Flava" for all you lawyer types and others highly educated--but now its time to take off the gloves, so that people know justice is under-rated.

People's, check out my last post wherein even your government financed a study so that the conditions we endured as slaves could be conserved and reveal, then stick with me on this and let me show you how (JSHIT) is concealed.  Now I know for some the law may be boring and the above attempted rhymes may be whack, but how come its eight days after the motion was due and Judge Hillman still ain't wrote back? 

Let me tell you why and catch you up to speed, check out the post's entitled "A Non-Existing Warrant Tells All" and "Details of A Non-Existing Warrant TellsAll"--those two should be all you need.  You see I kicked so many facts on them, dug up so much dirt, and shitted back on them--then I hit them with the case law and screamed on them.  Now they probably think I'm like "Dirt" and I'm just quick to string together some choice words on them.  Nah, see somebody better call their next of kin cause I can string together big words in context to do more than just check "African-Americans."

Yo, somebody please  let them know, before I get disrespectful like my girl "QB" open up a can of ass whoop and further scream on them.   I'm nice and tight wit mine, I can lay back-- hit licks like "Conceited" on dey behind.  Yo, but for real though--I think they think this is my hustle-yo--Time to let them know that I ain't going out like that, this ain't no hustle yo--I'm a ole head now--been around for a while--like a real true legend, I ain't trying to tussle, I go straight for a body, like that girl putting in work-- Ms. Hustle.
 Now as you saw in "Aiding and Abetting From the Bench" and "Aiding and Abetting From the Bench (part II)," I'm not afraid nor scared to flex my vocal chord muscles, even still if I have to appeal this battle won't top "QB's and Ms. Hustle's. Top it no, but its bigger and involves more than freedom of speech matters or who did more yapping--this is about our civil and constitutional rights y'all, that these judges just be jacking. EASY!
 Yo, I know I'm not ready for the ring yet, but I wrote this to get your attention and make a point.  I love rapping, and I hear all about how guns be clapping and a whole lot of botha's are being lost-- but yet in still when y'all come to court you're muzzled by your "public pretenders" and usually take a deal or be quick ready to squeal or just stand there looking soft.  But right now this blog is over 4000 page views strong, but I can't get no comment's cause they can't, but you can so let's show how we roll and knock them out of their socks, jump on your phones, tweet four friends and fill up the comment box. Holla!

All my true live viewers you know how I do, THANK YOU,
The Casino Gaming Oracle!

Since this my blog I can shout-out, or blow up whom ever I wanna. First shout-out to the Queen QB, ole head say you holding it down baby girl do your thing. Ms. Hustle you still got it, get that rematch. Yo, Conceited, what's up with that Nov match up, he called you out. I'm [FN] wit him, that young man wanna eat. But on the real you (Conceited) and Nov better stay clean and not play with "Dirt."  Dirt is King, period.   Y'all will see me out there supporting you so show some love back too.  QOTR, URL, AHAT, and GrindTimeNow, stand up Holla at you're boy shouting you out and back-linking you the [F] up.

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