Monday, December 12, 2011

A Matter of Deformation

(Atlantic City, NJ)
Defamation as defined by Blacks Law Dictionary: "The act of harming the reputation of another by making a false statement to a third person • If the alleged defamation involves a matter of public concern, the plaintiff is constitutionally required to prove both the statement's falsity and the defendant's fault.

I posit that a representation to the world that its ok to profile and kidnap an individual as long as a casino and a state trooper can manufacture false document to conceal injustice is a deformation.  On September 27, 2010 Judge Noel L. Hillman did just that by way of his opinion, wherein he conceals the documentary proofs that substantiate my kidnapping.

This blog reveals the other side of the coin or should I say the concealed documents that tell the truth and reveal why Judge Hillman will not let civil action 08cv02704 proceed to trial. I'd like to thank all those that have viewed this blog and pray that you continue to follow this injustice.

My main reason for posting this side note is due to the fact that there is now a venue being offered wherein lawyers can learn to protect themselves from deformation, but who will protect the little guys, the pro se litigants and those unable to afford a paid attorney. You can view this forum being offered at
Thank you, Happy and Knowledgeable Gaming! TheCasinoGamingOracle

Black History Month 2012 reigns in and all still do not have equal protection of the laws and meaningful access to the Courts of these United States of America.

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