Monday, December 19, 2011

Atlantic City Casino Gaming Revenue (Declining) Corruption (Increasing)

(Atlantic City, NJ)
"Atlantic Citygaming revenue will continue to fall through 2015," according to article by Donald Wittkowski, staff writer for the Press of Atlantic City.  I posit that the decline in gaming revenue has spawned an increase in corruption.

Lets look at the driving forces of casino gaming, and to do this one can not deny that said force is greed.  In Atlantic City "greed" is the second most powerful "will" only being topped by the "will to live."  In the city of Atlantic City, Atlantic Avenue divides the street addresses between "North" and "South." Greed draws the line one block to the south, at Pacific Avenue.

A tourist wishing to enter Atlantic City to cause some of that "Tourist Mayhem" the Atlantic City Municipal Courts website speaks of has three choices of entry.  They either take the Atlantic City Expressway, Route 30 (the White Horse pike), or Route 40 (the Black Horse pike).  The same holds true upon their exit, unless they have become the victim of "losing mayhem" and wish to go out differently.  In that case the route of choice has historically been jumping off one of the casino parking garages higher levels, onto the hard concrete of the sidewalk.

The above is odd when all routes entering Atlantic City must end one block pass Pacific Avenue, as there is no place left to go because the Atlantic Ocean causes a "Dead End."  Some ask why take a leap of the parking garage when you could choose to walk to Europe in an attempt to change your luck and get the same effect as the garage jump.  But one would have to be a very, very strong swimmer.  Plus the will to live would have to kick in and motivate your swim kick so you could make it.

If one looks at the current conditions of the Atlantic City casinos' it is clear that the ground-work has been laid for the spread of the corrupt influence to Atlantic City casinos.  The original Casino Control Act stated that there should always be a member of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission on the gaming floor of every Atlantic City casino. (See Insurance Open-Insurance Closed)  As this writer has shown you in the posting just cited, one can not go into an  Atlantic City casino and find "The Casino Control Commission."

Not to worry folks, you're not missing to much by the absence of the Casino Control Commission from the gaming floors of Atlantic City casinos.  I challenge those that have gotten satisfaction from the lodging of a complaint to this entity to leave a comment below.  Further when the "Gaming Laws" were drafted all unclaimed casino vouchers would have been subject to the states "escheat laws."  Briefly this law required the casino to deposit said funds with the state, wait five years and if said funds were not claimed the casino and the state could split these funds.

Every now and then these gaming law makers and or "Control Commissions" must make it appear that they are protecting the public interest. Take the article: "NJfines Atlantic City casinos for cheaters, robbers, scammers and kid boozers," which makes it appear that the State of New Jersey is on the casinos ass.  But then the truth comes out when another article: "New casinolegislation costs 115 gaming inspectors their jobs," reveals that the door has been opened for corruption to walk right in, because the so called "watch dogs" and or "protectors of the public interest" are gone. Legally, I might add, by repeal of the very law that required their presence in the first place. Ms. Franklin, the "Queen of Soul" should have titled her song "who's fooling who."

From the darkness must come the light.  I am just your messenger, you have to act upon my agitation. Its like I state within "Appearance of Justice w/ Aroma of J.S.H.I.T, But!" I can get by with a little help from my friends, even if they just tell another friend and he or she becomes part of the number of page viewers of this blog that have read what's going on.

Thank You! TheCasinoGamingOracle!

Black History Month 2012 reigns in and all still do not have equal protection of the laws and meaningful access to the Courts of these United States of America.


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