Monday, November 14, 2011


Having set my mission statement before you, I'd like to get right to the issues.  But to be honest I'm a little confused as to how I should proceed, so please feel free to make suggestions.

On the one-hand I could bring to your attention that within these United States of America there's segregation of justice and the due administration of the law.
First let me address the jurisdictional segregation, or should I rephrase that, as the word "segregation" harbors racial overtones. Yes this writer is African-American, but I didn't go to the Court carrying a huge race card.  I paraded to the United States District Court to uphold our red, white and blue flag with fifty stars on it, hoping it was sewn together by the judicial threads of the doctrine of stare decisis.
While writing the above paragraph do you know that I actually had to stop and think for a moment to decide whether to tell you that I was African-American and risk loosing audience. Then I though well if its like that so be it and besides this blog is also about the overcoming of such practices. Judge this writer by the content of the character I put before you. Follow and share this blog because you wish to live in one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
A jury in the Eastern District of Michigan found defendants Detroit Entertainment LLC., which owns and operates the MotorCity Casino and Marlene Brown, one of the casinos security personnel and a private security police officer with the power to arrest, liable under 42 U.S.C. §1983 and under Michigan law for unlawfully arresting Stella Romanski.  See Romanski v. Detroit Entertainment LLC., 428 F.3d 629, 632 by clicking link in "Source Links" to the right.
A judge for the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey ignores Romanski v. Detroit Entertainment, even when asked that it be judicially noticed.  One cannot find the case mentioned within the courts opinion. See Hickson v. Marina Associates, 743 F. Supp. 2d 362 (2010).  (See Source Links to the right) If one were to search Hickson v. Marina Associates, they would find that one of the primary issue of the case, that being the formation of an aleatory contract was also willfully avoided.
This blog is about the contrasts between the two cases above. I call upon those of you out there in the legal community first.  Ethical judicial officers, law school professors and students, you have the training and the background to comment in this forum.  You can ensure that your chosen field operates with integrity.  Those of you in law school bring this blog to the attention of your professors and peers.  While you are still unfettered by the chains that bind amongst the good ole boy's and girl's networks. I ask that you raise your right hands, as you will when you take your oath's to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America, upon becoming lawyers. Now let them come down upon your keyboards and type out, by way of comment, that I speak the truth and there is conflict within the Circuits. Take whatever precautions you deem necessary as to avoid backlash from those awaiting cross-over into the fraternities and good ole boy's and girl's  network's.
For those of you that are not versed in the law, please remember, there is no injustice until someone makes it known.  I also ask that through your comments you inform me as to how I can relate this story to you better.
As I have stated in my mission statement, I will do all to provide all my readers and followers with all the information and resources needed to first form a basis for the subject matter I'm presenting. Secondly, so that you have information and resources to form your own opinions and relay informed comments and polls. 

Please subscribe and return for my next posting and participate in the first poll. It will shock and amaze you.

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