Monday, July 30, 2012

Here Comes the Judge

Hear ye, Hear ye, this court of internet justice is now in session, the Honorable (Insert your Name) presiding.

Why, should I be the judge you may be asking?
  1. Because those following this blog know that I often ask you to be the judge of the facts and documents I present.
  1. The internet will be the down-fall of many-a-corrupt judicial officers.
  1. Many of the Judges now sitting on the bench have become so hubristic that they are taking the law into their own hands.
  1. Lawyers appearing before the above judges are cowering in fear, rather than reporting the judicial misconduct they witness, or they acquiesce to the misconduct in hopes of gaining a favor or leverage at some later date.
  2. No one wants a world full of "good ole boys and girls."
  1. There is no injustice until someone makes it known, but unless that one the injustice is revealed to has power, the injustice will continue, unless those that know grow in numbers and demand change.

Judge Noel L. Hillman's hubris has grown to that level.  Imagine a United States District Judge stating that a litigant lacks personal knowledge to make a claim.  Imagine that litigant is representing himself, and after spending ten days in a county jail, defending false charges whereby they are terminated in his favor, and then doing a year of legal research to learn how to present documentary evidence attached to a complaint, whereby said complaint demanded a trial by jury and could not be dismissed as frivolous. (See Consciousness of the Conundrum I've Created)

In the 1970's when the song above was made, the United States District Courts were blessed with truly honorable judges.  Judges that would not just voice their opinions but apply the law.  Not only would the apply the law without bias but they would set the stage to end the oppression of those oppressed by the law.
 Judge Noel L. Hillman attempts to take us back to that day and age. I didn't bop into his court thinking that he would be my savior, nor did I crawl into his courtroom pleading with a race card as my standing.  Nor did I enter the court through the back or side door, no, I was not niggardly, I studied the law and expected it to be applied equally and where established, I expected it to be judicially noticed.

But I did not get the above, so now this is where you come in.  Check my circles on "G+," note the gradual increase of "+1's" at this blog site, it should tell you something. It should tell you that those in the know, know, and they are drawn to the truth.  Why, because for some it is a truth that they dare not speak of.
 They earn their living as lawyers, they have to enter courtrooms where "good ole boys and girls" rule, and if word got out that they were partial to a pro se litigant spitting the truth, there could be hell to pay, by said "good ole boys and girls" cutting the hell out of their paychecks, and or God forbid "blacklisting" them.
 Not only do these "good ole boys" swim around like great white sharks, flaunting "top predator" appearances, while being cloaked with absolute immunity, which bolsters their punk bitch mentalities so that they may proselytize there weaker underlings and bring them into the fold. (See Proselytization of KMW)

This venue will change the above.  This venue gives you the power to be the judge. Listen to Pigmeat, listen to the words, hear their inner meaning.  After listening, take a minute to think, then decide what you will do to combat injustice, and restore integrity to our courts. Here Comes the Real Judges!
 Thank You, and please, start by sharing this blog with two or three friends.
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