Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aiding and Abetting From the Bench

Shocking as the facts are in this matter, the public can not afford to allow Judges Noel L. Hillman and Karen M. Williams to continue in their practice of injustice and treason.  On the day of this posting there will be 15 days remaining in the "Count Down to a Recusal."  The plaintiff's are ready to stand, will you support their efforts to protect our Constitutional Rights? 

Ephesians 6:13, "Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand."

The words by WM. Lloyd Garrison within the preface of the "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, by Frederick Douglass," are worth repeating here as he said "His statements therefore, may easily be disproved, if they are untrue."  The same will hold as to my allegations as well, and where I present documentary proofs in support of my averment's the accused should be expected to do the same in rebuttal, right?

As I previously stated I am motivated by the words of W.E.B. DuBois,  “Awful as race prejudice, lawlessness and ignorance are, we can fight time if we frankly face them and dare name them and tell the truth; but if we continually dodge and  cloud the issue, and say the half -truth because the whole stings and shames; if we do this, we invite catastrophe."

I have embarked on this task with more than just the motivation from the words above.   I am secure in the instructions of the "Word of God," as set forth within Ephesians 5:19, stating: "And for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel."  The gospel is truth, and here the truth  reveals injustice, as held within my basis in facts and law to "averment 14" of the plaintiffs "BRIEFIN SUPPORT OF MOTION FOR RECUSAL OF U.S.D.J. Noel L. Hillman and U.S.M.J. KarenM. Williams," @ page 10, holding the following:

Averment [14]
Question Judge Hillman, does page 165 of 1:11-cv-06304 “Exhibit Attachment to Complaint of Earl Hickson and Markland Grant Pursuant to FRCVP 10(C),” show that on February 2, 2010, Christopher C. Mauro signed docket item [46], “Answers to Third Amended Complaint,” on behalf of “Vance Armstrong.” With all due respect to your unethical tribunal that you are running there in Camden, could you please tell us who [FN] “Vance Armstrong” is, judge Hillman. 

Your failure to sanction your boy, “Mauro” can only be construed as an a gratia granting of unlimited freedom for him to file documents with you on the behalf of non-parties.  Yet when Earl Hickson and Markland Grant file truthful documents you step in to oversee that your misdeeds are kept concealed.  You are not a corporation like “Nike” and can “just do it.”  No, Judge Hillman you need to just STOP!

Carter v. ALK Holdings, Inc., 605 F. 3d 1319, 1330 holds: “The Eleventh Circuit has explained that Rule 11 "is not intended to chill an attorney's enthusiasm or creativity in pursuing factual or legal theories." Donaldson v. Clark, 819 F.2d 1551, 1561 (11th Cir.1987) (quoting Rule 11 Advisory Committee Notes, 1983). Amendments to Rule 11 have been made to "place [] greater constraints on the imposition of sanctions" and to "reduce the number of motions for sanctions presented to the court." Rule 11 Advisory Committee Notes, 1993. Such tolerance is warranted here, where there is no issue of fraud, misrepresentation, bad faith, abuse of process, or other egregious act in presenting this pleading. It may be that invoking the Patent Clause of the Constitution to support the inventor's claim of exclusive right to this invention is a "creative claim," but it is not so outrĂ© as to warrant the blot of Rule 11 attorney sanction.”  This case law does not say, “ok boy’s let your buddies do as they please.”  No it say stop them if their so called creativity has spilled over to full blown misrepresentation.  You failure to have Christopher C. Mauro verify his documents can only be construed as bias and prejudice, and now that he would have to stand on his own and answer to the same you attempt to dismiss the very avenue to the truth.  Correct Judge Hillman?

To Be this averment deserves further analysis in my next post.

Thank You, The Casino Gaming Oracle!

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