Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chris Christy's Referendum Conundrum

Concealment of Corruption Causes Chaos

Those in power can become so wrapped up in their position that they tend to forget that they are not all powerful.  Power breeds hubris, which can further lead to "cockiness." The Governor of the State of New Jersey  had a bad month in January, 2012.
Torie Bosh posted a Jan. 9, 2012 article headed, "N.J. Gov. ChrisChristie Responds to Female Hecklers With Offensive Oral Sex Joke."  The posting of the article at opens by stating: "On Sunday, Jan. 8., New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was speaking at a Romney for President rally in New Hampshire when he was interrupted by some female hecklers. It’s difficult to make out exactly what Christie’s critics were yelling, but it’s something to do with jobs going down. Ever the class act, Christie’s response: “You know, something may be going down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart." posted a Jan. 29 2012 article by Hrafnkell Haraldsson, headed "Chris Christie Endorses the Popular Tyranny Founding Fathers Feared."  This article opened by stating: "Republicans have proven they will do anything they can to deprive those of whom they don’t approve of their civil rights. The list is along one, and includes atheists (whom even the relatively moderate President Bush Sr. didn’t consider American citizens), Muslims, gays and lesbians, Pagans, women in general but especially the uppity feminist type who don’t know their place (in other words, refuse to say “thank you” when raped), and of course, all those icky brown-skinned people who keep their lawns and are sometimes kept as indentured servants."
The brown-skinned people are no longer the indentured servants and have become versatile to the point of being able to put on a damn-good show and tell.  One such brown-skinned person was kidnapped by a New Jersey State Trooper, who claimed that he [the State Trooper] had a warrant for the arrest of that brown-skinned person [Earl Hickson].

On the day of the false arrest Earl Hickson explained to State Trooper Mark Kosko that there could not be a warrant for his arrest for a violation of probation for he has never been on probation.  I went so far as to ask him the date, to which he responded 2003.  I further explained to him that on 3/19/2003 I represented myself before New Jersey Superior Court Judge James Isman, who issued documents stating that I was not on probation as evidenced by the document stating at item 13: "Time Served, No probation, No restitution, No additional Jail time."

So when the State of New Jersey knows that they have violated your civil and constitutional rights, by holding you in jail for 973 days, then one of their officers doing Harrah's Hotel and Casinos' bidding, claims there is a warrant for your arrest just so he can put you in jail, and you falsely imprisoned for another ten days what happens?

As part of my show and tell the documents say that on June 9, 2010, Earl Hickson filed a complaint against State Trooper Mark Kosko.  In as little a six days, on letterhead with Chris Christie's name on it Captain Kevin J Tormey says an investigation reveals no misconduct. [See Letter dated 6/10/2010 and Letter dated 6/16/2010]

Mind you that during the time that the above complaint was filed Earl Hickson had already filed a civil action within the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, civil action 08-cv-02407 NLH-KMW.  Is there any wonder the State came to such a  conclusion.  But wait, being the show-N-tell type of guy that I am, allow me to share more so that you can be the judge, based upon knowing all the facts surrounding the circumstance.

Gov. Christie's State of New Jersey's "Promis/Gavel" revealed on 3/10/2008  that Earl Hickson was arrested for a violation of probation. [See "VIOLATION OF PROBATI ATL CO SUP CT NJ ST POLICE"]  Mark Kosko's report of 5/15/06 says in box number 37 that a warrant was issued by Judge Conners charging me with bail jumping. [After clicking scroll to page 2, see "Judge Conner Atlantic County Superior Court Mays Landing NJ."]

Even after the above Deputy Attorney General Kathleen Bartus filed a purported copy of a warrant within the docket of 08-cv-02407.  The warrant set before Judge Noel L. Hillman was not signed by Judge Conners as box 37 of Kosko's report says, but this so-called warrant was signed by Judge Albert Garofolo.  One looking at the bottom of this forgery furthers sees that years after this document was claimed to be executed there is no signature of the arresting officer Mark Kosko's . [After clicking scroll to page 3, see "Judge Garofolo signature"]
Again, no wonder Judge Noel L. Hillman has gone to great lengths to continue this cover up, even to the point of proselytizing the court's newest African-American, female judge. [See Proselytization of KMW]   Just as the article said above in the third paragraph "Republicans have proven they will do anything they can to deprive those of whom they don’t approve of their civil rights," but this writer has no idea if all of the cohorts are "Republicans," and only you can answer the question of my ability to tell of my encounter with such a deprivation. Has concealment of corruption created chaos? Should Judge Noel L. Hillman be recused?  [See Absolute Immunity via Recusal]

Thank You, The Casino Gaming Oracle!

Black History Month 2012 reigns in and all still do not have equal protection of the laws and meaningful access to the Courts of these United States of America.


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