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Answer Genesis/Revelations of the Defendants (Part II)

This posting may turn out to be a revelation more to those already in the legal field, as they will have PACER accounts and be able to use these accounts to verify what I'm saying.  However I will not leave the others by the wayside, so I will do my best to give you access as well.

Let's kick that horse again, he's not dead! Docket item #11, which should be on the docket sheet stating: "SCHEDULING ORDER: In-Person Status Conference set for 4/17/2009 10:30 AM before Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider.  Pretrial Factual Discovery extended to 4/30/2009. Dispositive Motions due by 5/29/2009., Signed by Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider on 12/17/2008.  (nf,) (Entered: 12/18/2008).," is missing in action.

Those with a PACER account will be able to go to U.S. Dist. Court for District of NJ, enter the case number (08cv02407 NLH-KMW) and find that dkt. #11 has been removed. Again this is in violation of 18 USCS §2071.  Those without PACER accounts can look to the two docket sheets in the "source links," and  the copy of Magistrate Schneider's Order, which is also in the "source links."  (See Dkt_Item_11 in the "Source Links" to the right)

At the "initial conference" as designated by the law under FRCVP 16, but in this instance it was nothing but a "go see."  Let's go see if this guy has an attorney, cause no pro se litigant could put together such a complaint. NOT!  I didn't write no song bout it, just packed my shit and showed up by my damn self, because that's all there was and will ever be.  Wait, I can't say that because I know better, when I turn to my right or left, I can feel God's presence surrounding me.  Hence this be the real reason like "Hammer" said, they "Can't touch this."

With my "Rule 26 (a) (1) Initial Disclosures" at the ready, my copy of New Jersey Rules Of Court (Federal), and two witnesses, I counter-bopped my ass into the belly of the beast.  Upon entering the court room I walked past George Morton, who was sitting at the back of the courtroom, alone awaiting the proceedings.  Christopher Mauro was at the defendants table and the clerk of the court did present us with the courts sign in sheet.  Hence now as I write this, and having gained more understanding, I see why Mr. Morton stayed at the back of the courtroom and didn't want to join Mauro at the defendant's table.

I presented Christopher Mauro with my Rule 26 disclosures and initial request for discovery. I stated on the record "let the record reflect that I am giving defense counsel said disclosures." For those thinking of going pro se, don't forget this, any physical acts you do in court state "let the record reflect" what ever your doing.  But also remember that if you follow in Harrah's lawyers footsteps you man not want to let the record reflect that you are lying.

Bold statement you say?  Well on Dec. 17, 2008 Christopher Mauro stood before a judge and stated that he had mailed me a copy of the surveillance video.  Well let's see, the court proceedings started on time at 10:30 AM and were over before Noon.  Hence any attorney making a statement that something was in the mail is implying that said act has taken place, right or wrong?  Well by the time I made my "Third Amended Complaint" I was able to show the court that Mauro is a liar.  The postage meter on the envelope use to send me the CD is clearly stamped 1PM 12/17/2008. (See "TCGO_Exhibit O,"  in your "source links" on the right)

My only guess is that after attending the "go see" he called the office and told them that it looked like "Houston we have a problem, mail the tapes, this is not the cake walk we were expecting." Little did he know that eventually he's going to have to say "Houston, I can't hold it, she's breaking up-abort-abort-abort."  They (Harrah's) will wonder why, and in the back ground you'll hear the song bout it by "Dire Straits" "the mans to big... the mans to strong."  Snow covers over your screen, then fades to black.  But wait!  "Next on H.B.O" NOT!

Till Next time, Happy and Knowledgeable gaming, TheCasinoGamingOrcle!
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