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$_Atlantic City Casinos Influence Throughout the State of NJ

(Atlantic City, NJ)
Atlantic City Casinos have a huge influence throughout the State of New Jersey.  Said influence is not just confined to the lower part of the state, but southern NJ is where it takes root, sprouts, and spreads its corrupt influence upward from local government and even through the courts located in the state.

Starting on the local level means that one must look at the city within which the casinos' are located, and that would be the City of Atlantic City.  Atlantic City Municipal Court Director, Alison Kaufman comments on that courts webpage that: "This is a busy court with a lot going on."  The site further lists Bruce Weeks as the Chief Judge for the court and says that the types of cases coming before the court are: "Rash Driving, Drunken Driving. Also Tourist Mayhem. And do not forget the casino problems."

Why would the City of Atlantic City publish that its Municipal Court is involved with "Casino problems?" This statement appears to this writer to be contrary to the holdings of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Within Knight v. Margate 86 N.J. 374, 383, the Supreme Court of NJ held: "
In 1980 the Legislature extended the ethical restrictions applicable to casino operations to persons other than commission and division members and employees. This enactment amended the Conflicts of Interest Law and imposed limitations upon dealings between high level government officials and casino licensees or  applicants. L. 1980, c. 79.  Specifically, Section 2(a) of the statute covered the following individuals:
... State officers or employees subject to disclosure by law or executive order; special State officers and employees; the Governor; any member of the Legislature or Judiciary; any member of the governing body, or the municipal attorney of a municipality wherein a casino is located; any member of or attorney for the planning board or zoning board of adjustment of a municipality wherein a casino is located, or any professional planner regularly employed by the planning board or zoning board of adjustment. (emphasis added)
Under this provision, for the first time, the Conflicts of Interest Law was applied to "any member of the ... Judiciary." Chapter 79 was replaced by L. 1981, c. 142, on May 14, 1981. Under the terms of the most recent amendment the application of the conflicts law to the judiciary is limited to "any ... full time member of the Judiciary" and to "the municipal judge ... of a municipality wherein a casino is located."

At page 397 of Knight v. Margate the court cuts through all of the legal mumbo-jumbo and states: "In our disposition of this appeal we have decided that the ethical restrictions of the New Jersey Conflicts of Interest Law, as amended, L. 1981, c. 142, apply to the judiciary, including judges of the municipal courts (with some limitations as to those who are part time), and that the law as applicable to all judges is not unconstitutional." This decisional case law tells this writer that no Municipal Court judge especially an Atlantic City Municipal Court judge, should not have any dealings with matters related to a casino.

You might be say "what's your point?"  In an earlier post I shared with you the holdings of Uston v.Resorts, wherein one learns that the exclusion of patrons from an Atlantic City Casino is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Casino Control Commission or a Superior Court of the State of New Jersey. This fact is given a basis in law by New Jersey Administrative Code 19:48-1.5 Procedure for Entry of Name, which relates to the listing of persons excluded for a casino, and specifically states at NJAC 19:48-1.5 (a) (2): "Upon receipt of an order of the Superior Court of New Jersey excluding such person from all casino hotel facilities.  The Commission shall consider such action forthwith upon receipt of the court order, with at least 15 days notice to the Division and to such person by certified mail at his or her last known address."
Ms. Kaufman and judge Weeks clearly step beyond their jurisdiction when that court issues documents telling a patron that he or she is barred from an Atlantic City casino. How do I do?  Don't I back up my averments with facts and law?  If you'd like to see a copy of one of these unlawful evictions you can view the one issued to Markland Grant by clicking here.

Within the above I have let you know about the "goings on" within the Atlantic City Municipal court.  I will ask you to keep close watch on this blog because the corruption is starting to spread out and I have no idea what's on the minds of the individuals I am telling you about.  I do know that as of December 7, 2011, the City Council of the City of Atlantic City was put on notice as to the civil action filed by me and Mr. Grant.  Again, I have proof, as you can see from the City of Atlantic City's Final Council Meeting Agenda.  Now one can begin to see the hubris with which this band of cohorts operate.  I'm telling you the Judicial Stealthy Hubristic Injustice Tactics (JSHIT) just won't stop, so now we have JSHIT #6

So being a marked man I'm am careful when I cross the street now-a-days, as I know my adversaries wish that I'm hit by a bus, but like I said I'm carful.  But if you don't hear from me, please ask the City of Atlantic City, the Deputy Attorney Generals Office for the State of New Jersey or Judge Noel L. Hillman where's Hickson and Grant? 

Till later Happy and Knowledgeable Gaming! TheCasinoGamingOracle!

Black History Month 2012 reigns in and all still do not have equal protection of the laws and meaningful access to the Courts of these United States of America.

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