Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Before I get to the Who, What, When, and How can a casino exclude a patron I thought I'd better gather in the flock.  You don't have a flock, you might be saying to yourself.  Especially if you've checked the number of followers I have on twitter. Never you mind, let me wander in my "Field of Dream" for if I build it they will be coming.  I further ask for you to answer the question of what you've done to share this information before you pick up the first stone to toss at me.

I'm going to devote this posting to sharing a list of resources that you will find most helpful in your independent research. The thought crossed my mind today, "what if there were those like yourself that turned to this blog looking for help in resolving their own matters."  They will want to know where they can go or turn to for information. Any one can tell you to contact a lawyer and I will do the same.  But I understand that in some jurisdictions the lawyers are not willing to rock the boat.

Then again there are those that set precedent like Mr. Nersensian of the law firm of
Nersensian And Sankiewicz, 528 S 8th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101-7003.  I have no qualms with giving him a shout-out and letting you know that I have followed his cases and molded some of my positions after his because I found that his positions matched what I have learned and that being, "have a basis in law and fact to take to a court of law."  Thank you Mr. Nersensian, maintain your morals and keep up the good fight. I could not find a site to link you to him but I would recommend that you call him as he and his partner are very busy as evidenced by the article written in Vegas Inc., "Lawsuits pile up as alleged casino assaults continue Critics of casino security say a culture of thuggery exists." (See "Source Link" "Lawsuits Pile Up.")

So, if you can't find a lawyer will and able like those in the firm above you will have to strike out on your own. (For those that have found said lawyers or if you are a lawyer unafraid of the big casino's, please submit your information for inclusion here. Now where does on begin to learn how to represent him or herself in court. Presto!  You can turn to the same book I used, "Represent Yourself in Court-How to Prepare and Try a Winning Case, Nolo Press." Unlike the "In Living Color" spoof about "No-Way Products" this book is the real deal. I was particularly fond of the example used in the book, where by a court case was compared to sending light through a prism.  As we know when that happen the light beam will be divided into its separate colors upon exiting at the other end. To me a court case starts with a compilation of facts and laws that have to be sent through the court and once acted upon by the law, all the facts should come out in one just verdict.

Since we are bound by the common thread of being partakers in casino gaming here is my short list of sources to find individual state gaming regulations. One brief note to keep in mind is that most state's follow Nevada and New Jersey models as these were the first state to set the tone, with New Jersey following Nevada.  This fact is evidenced in an article found in the Miami Herald, "Florida gaming commission to follow N.J., Nevada models." (See Miami Herald in "Source Links" to the right).

TheCasinGamingOracle Short List of State Gaming Regulation Sources

 California Gambling Control Board

CT. Dept. of Consumer Protection, Gaming Division


Michigan Gaming Control Board

Nevada Gaming Commission and State Gaming Control Board

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

Other Helpful Sources (used by thecasinogaminoracle)

Nolo Press

Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)

Second to your determination to be made whole, the most helpful source that you can bring to your aide will be your local law librarian. Keep in mind though that these individuals are just the keepers of the books you will need and although there are some out there that know what is contain within the volumes they procure, most are bound not to give legal advise. You should be able to understand that, think about it, if the librarian gives you wrong advice and you miss the statute of limitations, you'll want to sue them right?  So keep that in mind.  Also, take this from my experience, the more the librarian see's the effort you put forth the more he or she will be willing to help you get the reference materials you request or they know of.  Shout-out to Mr. St. John at the Superior Court law library in Atlantic City, the best in the business. Thanks for your visit, please subscribe, till next time and as always, Happy and Knowledgeable gaming.

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